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If you are a New User
Welcome to Outdoor Image Agency. As a Registered User you will be able to view larger Preview Images and will have access to Lightbox and ordering features. You may also purchase and download any image from this website instantly after purchase.

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After you complete a short registration form, you will enter and confirm a Password of your choice. The Password can be between 4 to 8 numbers and/or letters. Letters are not case sensitive. At the bottom of the form, click the 'Register' button and you have created your account.

If you are a Registered User
If you have already registered and have received approval of your Password, you will automatically be recognized each time you access our website from the same computer. If you are on a new computer, click Sign In on the Home Page. Enter your name and Password to access client privileges.

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Enter the lost password section and fill in your Username and press “Request account password!. We will send your password to the email address listed to your account moments after your request.

Searching for Stock Photos

Quick Search
To find images quickly, you may enter one or more keywords in the search box at the top right of the page.
To narrow your search, use AND, OR and Phrase in your sentence.

• "Ski and Mountain": Both will appear in a single image
• "Kayak or Kayaking": Each will appear in separate images

You may also find an image by entering and searching by image numbers. You may select to search within results if you wish, or by default it will create a new search.
Click the “GO” button to display your results.
Advanced Search
Type in the words that best describe the image you are seeking. They may be subjects, geographic locations or concepts. The Search Engine allows you to either type a sentence or individual words. Either way, the search will be made on the "key" words.

5 search criterias are preselected but can be altered by the + or – signs to add or subtract search criterias.

Advanced search features:

Keywords - Search on the specified keywords of interest.
Contain Any - Images are required to have at least one of the words listed in the search box to be displayed in the results
Contain All - Images are required to have all the words listed in the search box to be displayed in the results.
Contain exact - Images are required to have all the words listed in the search box to be displayed in the results.
Contain none - Images are required to have none of the words listed in the search box to be displayed in the results.

Orientation - Narrows the search to the specified orientation: all, horizontal, vertical, square or panoramic.
Color - Narrows the search to the specified color: Color or BW
Releases - Narrows the search to the specified release status: Model released, Not released, Not applicable, Not recognizable
People - Narrows the search to the specified amount of people: One person, Two persons, Group

Additional search options:

Location - Narrows the search to the specified location, Any, All, Exact, None
Athlete - Narrows the search to the specified athlete, Any, All, Exact, None
Date created - Narrows the search to the specified date created, Before, After, On, Not on
Photographer - Narrows the search to the specified photographer, Any, All, Exact, None
Filename - Narrows the search to the specified filename, Any, All, Exact, None
Category - Narrows the search to the specified category, Any, All, Exact, None

Previewing Stock Photos

You must be registered to preview images. Click here to Register
To preview an image, click on the thumbnail image and a larger Preview Image (500pixels) will appear. You will find information about the image including the image ID number, caption, related keywords, date, location, country, the photographer (a link to more images by the same photographer). Click on the various keywords on the right side of the preview to show images with selected keyword.


What is a Lightbox?
A Lightbox is a way for users to organize and save image selections for potential use in personal projects may be e-mailed to associates. Lightboxes can be viewed during subsequent visits to the site. Lightbox selections can be used to preselect interesting images to review before putting them in the checkout.

How to use Lightboxes
Users who have signed in may add images to an active Lightbox by clicking on the “add to Lightbox” icon beneath the thumbnails. To quick delete images from a Lightbox, select the “delete from Lightbox” icon beneath the thumbnail or select the active Lightbox and click the icon “delet from lightbox” icon. The Lightbox Manager allows you to create and delete lightboxes, Contents of Lightboxes may be viewed by clicking the Lightbox tab in the main navigation bar at the top of any page. Images may only be added to or removed from the currently active Lightbox. The active Lightbox is displayed in the drop down menu located in the “Lightbox manager” panel at the top of a Lightbox page.

Lightbox manager options:

New - allows the user to make a new Lightbox
• Activate - allows the user to switch between different Lightboxes
• Rename - allows the user to rename the currently active Lightbox.
• Remove - allows the user to delete the currently active Lightbox.
• Email - allows the user to email the currently active Lightbox.
• Download - allows the user to download selected Lightbox
• Share - allows the user to share selected Lightbox via email


Free Comps

Registered users may copy low resolution Preview Images for Comp usage only at NO CHARGE. It is illegal to copy or reproduce these images for any other purpose including use on other websites, or for reference for another photograph or illustration. Before copying images, please review the OUTDOOR IMAGE AGENCY Terms of Use.

1. Click once on the Thumbnail Image to view the larger Preview Image.
2. To Copy the image to your desktop

• MAC: Click and drag the Preview image to your desktop. Once the file is transferred, the file will appear on your desktop. You may also hold down the mouse button for several seconds and choose "save this image as" or "download image to disk" from the menu. A pop-up window will appear allowing you to specify where you want to save the image and what you want to name the image.

• PC: Click the right mouse button over the Preview image to see a menu. Select "Save Picture As" and save it in a directory on your computer or floppy disk.

Pricing Calculator

Fill out all required fields in the Pricing Calculator that are described in detail below:
Usage Category: First, select the general usage for the image, i.e. advertising, brochure & marketing, corporate,displays, electronic, products & packaging or publishing.

Media: Then, select the media in which the image will be used, such as Print Advertisement, Web, Display , Poster, Brochure, Press kit, Billboard, etc.

Size / type: The image size is related to the size of the final page size, i.e. if the image covers ¼ of the page, the image size is ¼ page no matter the size of the ad in which it appears

Distribution: Insertions x Print Run
• If you're producing a printed piece, this should be the total number of copies that will be printed.
• If the image will appear in a newspaper or magazine, this should be the circulation of one edition of the periodical.
• If the image will appear in multiple publications and/or with multiple insertions, determine the total circulation by adding the circulations (print runs) of each publication the image will appear in, then multiply the number of times (insertions) the image will appear in each publication.

Start Date: Enter the date(yyyy/mm/dd) when the licensing of selected image will begin appearing in public.

Time period: This is the amount of time that the product featuring the licensed image will be in circulation. For example, and ad may appear just one day while a brochure may be distributed over a period of one year.

Location: Select whether the image will be used Globally, by continent or by country. You can remove any choice just below the drop down menu.

Industry: Select the industry in which the photograph will appear.

Price is based on one-time non exclusive use only. This means should you or your client prefer exclusive use by region or industry (or both) please check the “Exclusive“ button to yes and a “Request exclusive quote” and we will get back to you with a pricing. Or mail info(at) Exclusive use of an image substantially increases the licensing fee and Outdoor Image Agency will be in touch to discuss final pricing with you.
You may recalculate and update the price as many times as you like.

Purchasing Online

Quick checkout:

1. Find the image to purchase
2. Click on the calculator button located below the thumbnail or preview
3. Select intended license
4. Click “add to cart + view cart” at the bottom of the calculator .Then you are directed to your shopping cart
5. Click “Checkout” to proceed to your details page, fill in the form and Click “Checkout with paypal” to fill in the final credit cards details
6. Wait a moment for a mail with download details
7. Voila, you can use the image!


Normal checkout:

1. Add the image to your “Lightbox” by clicking the “Add to lightbox” icon below the image you wish to purchase or the "Calculator" icon below the thumbnail on the preview page to add image to checkout.

2. Review images by clicking “Lightbox”, images that are interesting to purchase click on the “Calculator” icon to prepare intended license for the image. After selecting all criterias for the license you can choose “add to cart + close window” or “add to cart + view cart” depending on how you want to proceed.

3. Continue to “My cart” and review selected images and make sure the rights you wish to purchase are correct.

4. Once you have checked your order for accuracy, click on “Checkout”

5. Fill in your details for the purchase and then make sure to read our License Agreement. After reading and agreeing to our agreement, check the box next to: "I agree to the License Agreement" then click the "Checkout with paypal" button. All your billing information is filled out for you. Please confirm all the information is correct.

6. Then place your billing information of selected credit card. Our checkout screen is secure as we use the latest encryption technology to help ensure that your information is kept safe while in transit.

7. Wait a moment for a mail with download details

8. Voila, you can use the image!

Technical Support

For further assistance mail technical(at)